Saturday, June 29, 2013

Renewed Hope

June 29, 2013


"Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you." James 1:27 (NLT)

     We started our first blog post with this very same verse and it holds even more truth for us today than it did back in November.  I'm sure many of you have been wondering why we have not been posting about our adoption of Sydney and what was happening with that process. Well, THIS is what happened!  On December 28, 2012 our hearts were broken, not only for ourselves, but the thousands of children that are stuck in those orphanages with little chance of being adopted by families in their own country.  Please pray for them!  Pray that God the Father will be near to them while they wait.  The world has tried to corrupt our efforts of caring for orphans, but we refuse to let it!  

   It has taken us several months (obviously!) to learn what our next steps should be.  We waited to proceed for a little while because there was some thought/hope that there may be some exceptions, for special needs children, to the ban.  But after a few months it became clear that it was probably not going to be the case.  We were heartbroken and it just took us a while to heal from "losing" the opportunity to bring Sydney home.  We also took the time to pray for direction and seek what God wanted for us.  We were presented with many ideas and options to think about from friends and family and that in itself was a lot to process, pray about and wade through.  

   After feeling we were on the right path before, we kept being drawn back to Reece's Rainbow.  We also felt like the Lord was speaking to both of us about adopting an older child. We have been following the blog of another family that recently adopted through Reece's Rainbow an older child and a toddler and her words have really spoken to us.  Thank you, Amy, of Tiny Green Elephants for being God's voice to us and helping us find some direction in our time of waiting.  

    Several weeks ago Pippa was newly listed as being available on Reece's Rainbow and she stirred something in both of us.  We both knew that she was the one that we would like to commit to, but Kevin was the first to be really sure.  I was still trying to argue with the Lord a little bit because I was afraid of committing and getting hurt again.  But then, Kevin said something to me one night right before I fell asleep, "I don't think we can choose the wrong one, God knows what he's doing!"  And he was right!  I had let fear creep into my mind and heart and the Lord kept saying to me "Do not be afraid."  

    So, here we are with a renewed hope and purpose, to bring Pippa home!  We are so thankful for all of your prayers and support these last several months and hope you will continue to pray for all us and we continue on this journey of growing our family.


~Derek Loux


  1. She's so cute!! Praying that all goes well.

  2. Praying for you on this journey! May God continue to give your assurance, renewed hope, peace and the knowledge that He's Got This!!
    She is just beautiful!!!

  3. What a blessing to hear of this new step in your journey!! We have wept over your heartache and will continue to pray for strength without fear through the process of bringing Pippa home! Keep us updated!

  4. God does know. Praying for his wisdom and grace during the process.
    Kahuna Steve