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Adoption is Costly My Friends

August 12, 2013

     Don't we all wish we had one of these in our backyard?!!  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Seriously though, we are so thankful that we have wonderful friends and family that have already been so supportive emotionally, spiritually, and financially already.  Thank you to everyone who supported our fundraising efforts on the Online Facebook Auction that helped us raise over $1000 dollars!  And thank you to those who have just generously donated to our accounts  and in person out of the kindness of your hearts! We were truly blessed and humbled by your generosity.  

SO, What are the costs? Why is adoption so expensive?  There are a lot of people, a lot of paperwork, and a lot of time involved and it all takes $$ to make it happen.  I thought I would break down what some of the costs are and let you know what we have already paid and what all of this fundraising we are doing and asking you to support us in is going towards.  Also, just to clarify the ways you can support us and our fundraising efforts:

1. PRAY FOR US and our fundraisers
2. SHARE our fundraising efforts with your friends that will pray for us or participate in a fundraisers too
3. DONATE items for auctions or garage sales (Coming soon! Wink, wink!)
4. PARTICIPATE in the event 

Here are the Costs:

Passports (2) $270 paid
Home Study Application Fee $225 paid
Home Study Fee $1200  paid
FBI Clearances (required for home study) $100 
Child Abuse Background Checks and State Police Clearance (required for home study) $85 paid
Reece's Rainbow Voice of Hope Fund $250 paid
Reece's Rainbow FSP fee $25 paid
USCIS Fees $890
Certified Copies of  Birth and Marriage Certificates $190 paid
Various Postage $200
Apostille Fees $ 155 ($80 paid)
In Country Document Review Fees $500
Round Trip Travel to Europe (2) $3500
Facilitation Fees $9000 ($1000 paid)
Travel in Country $500
Pippa's in Country Medical Testing $1000
Pippa's Medical Appt for Visa $110
Pippa's Visa Application $230
Pippa's Passport and Expedition Fees $600 
Living in Europe for 5 weeks $3500
Pippa's Travel to America $800
Travel Items $250 
Emergency Fund $2000

Estimate cost = $25,580.

So, what are our current fundraisers?

No Brainers!! (These don't require any extra effort or $$, other than using the links)

We have our Amazon Associates Link, by doing your normal online shopping through OUR LINK, Amazon will give us 6% of your purchase! You can also access the link through the Amazon Search Box on the right side of this blog.

Another way to support us through your regular online shopping is by signing up with iGive and typing in "Parents for Pippa" in the "Search for your Cause" box.  Once you register with the site and have "Parents for Pippa" as your cause and access the 100's of online stores through that site, we will get a percentage (varies by retailer) of your purchases!

Benefit Your Brains!!

Some of you may remember that one of our dear friends is supporting us in a huge way!

Our AMAZING friend and Christy Award Winning Author, Jill Williamson, gave us a very generous gift! Several months ago she let us know that she was getting ready to release a short e-novella as part of her "New Recruit" book series and that she would like to donate ALL of her proceeds from that e-book to help us, at the time, bring Sydney home. So now, of course, it is to help bring Pippa home. Needless to say, we were completely overwhelmed with her generosity and are beyond grateful that she and her family wanted to do this for us! What an awesome blessing! So, on 12/12/12 the e-novella was released on Amazon! The e-book is also available for the Nook and Kobo.
Jill is a wonderful Christian Teen Fiction writer! In her own words her stories are "weird!” They are speculative fiction, which is fantasy, sci fi, time travel, supernatural, paranormal, alternate history, dystopian, steampunk, or anything else WAY out of the ordinary. Her books are also fun, easy reads for adults too! So, if you love to read, have teens, tweens, or friends that love to read please encourage them to check out Chokepoint: Mini Mission 1.5! All of Jill's books are great, so check those out too!


   Our next fundraiser starts today!!  It is and online sales party for Usborne Books hosted by my new friend, Rebecca Murray Adams, who is adopting 2 girls from the same orphanage that Pippa is in!  She will be donating all of her commission to us after the party closes. Click HERE to access our party and get some great books for your kids!  This is a great time to stock up for back to school or get a great end of the summer read in for your tweens and teens!  This online party fundraiser will run from 8/12/2013-8/31/2013 so you have plenty of time browse and make your purchases!  

Upcoming Fundraisers:

Kevin and Wendy Christmas Elves
Garage Sale(s)
Others TBA

What is the difference between Go Fund Me and Reece's Rainbow Accounts?  

Our Reece's Rainbow "Account" or Family Sponsorship Page (FSP) will be available to us at the time when we travel to Europe and helps with our travel, facilitation fee's, etc.  ALL donations made to this account through Reece's Rainbow are TAX DEDUCTIBLE for you. 

Our Go Fund Me account is great because we have access to those funds right away and they can help us with some of the up-front costs like postage, apostille's and up front document review and authentication costs, which are coming up soon!  However, these donations are NOT tax deductible.  We do have a short "Wish List" set up on this account if you would like to donate toward something very specific.

Again, thank you all for your love, support and prayers!




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  1. I just launched my etsy store! 50% of the sale prices go to families adopting through RR! All someone has to do is enter your families name/blog/sponsorship page or child information on the message at check out and I will be donating the money to each family each month! This way you don't have to deal with anything!

    Spread the message to people and let me help you bring your daughter home, I knoe EVERY dollar counts!

    My blog is:

    My store is at:

    Any people who purchase from me that don't specify will just be donated to a family I feel called to give to.

    Susan Sass